Moraiolo, the super olive oil

The San Fortunato olive oil comes from the Moraiolo olive tree. Moraiolo means ‘of the wall’.
The story behind this is that olives in Umbria have been introduced by monks from Greece or Costantinopolis, these monks grew their olive trees in the holes where they picked the stones to build their walls for their houses.
Unlike the milder climate of other Mediterranean regions where most olives grow, Umbria is characterized by rather extreme weather, with temperatures ranging from 15°F to over 100°F.  Umbria's volatile conditions stimulate the production of polyphenolsin the Moraiolo trees, to defend and protect the olives.
The olives are hand harvested in the second half of October, when the fruit is still mostly green. Although the yield is 40% less than the traditional November harvest, the result is a full flavored herbaceous olive oil with an extraordinary high percentage of polyphenols, unsaturated fatty acids (natural antioxidants that combat cholesterol and free radicals) and low acidity.
Polyphenols are also responsible for the bitter and spicy taste of the Moraiolo olive oil, its smell of fruit and heart of artichoke. The hand picked olives are cold pressed locally at Frantoio di Spello, avoiding any unnecessary friction or artificial heat.
This oil is particularly suitable to be consumed raw, on dishes with strong flavors as red meats, grilled meats and vegetables, zuppa of legumes and also with bruschetta and salads.
This oil smells of fruit and heart of artichoke, has a deep green colour and an enveloping, elegant, infinite taste.